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Maestría Master in Data Analytics Intelligence - MIAD

  • Duración: 2 years (between 16 to 24 hours per week, 2 courses by cycle)
  • Modalidad: Online
  • Número de créditos: 36
  • Código SNIES: 109504
  • Dedicación: Part Time

Program Overview

Industrial Engineering Department offers the Master program in Data Analytics Intelligence (MIAD). MIAD goals is to train professionals at the intersection of three areas of knowledge: mathematical modeling, information technology and business management. Students learn through courses that balance theory and practice, computational methods for data management, case studies and classroom debates, multimedia simulations, application of descriptive, predictive and prescriptive models. If you are thinking about a in-depth in data analysis and be leader in decision making process where business management skills and quantitative analysis are vital, UniAndes MIAD is the place to continuing your professional development. MIAD graduate could will be occupy career opportunities as chief analytics officer, data scientist analytics, consultant data, mining analyst, financial analyst, marketing analyst, business intelligence analyst, database administrator, human resources analyst and systems analyst, among others.

MIAD is offered in Spanish and on-line 100%. Students receive the same quality standards that are offered on-campus programs. Being an on-line master's degree, it gives students the flexibility to learn when and where they want; so, they can work full time and continue their professional career.

Industrial Engineering Department was created in 1951. Universidad de los Andes’ main campus is located in Bogotá, Colombia.