David Álvarez

Assistant Professor

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PBX: +571 3394949
Extension 3870
Mario Laserna Building
Office ML 761

Postdoctoral Fellow, Applied Optimization Systems Group, Polytechnic University of Valencia - UPV (Spain)

Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering (Automation Science), São Paulo State University - UNESP (Brazil)

M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering (Computer Science), Technological University of Pereira - UTP (Colombia)

B.Sc. in Systems and Computer Engineering, Technological University of Pereira - UTP (Colombia)

David Alvarez main scientific activity area is Operation Research and Computer Sciences. Within Operations Research David focuses on the problems modeling, solution and application related to supply chain management, manufacturing and production, logistics and transport, as well as cutting stock problem, staff recruitment, goods packaging, vehicle routing, among others. From a technical point of view, David’s research focuses on specialized software development, through the use and development of accurate and approximate optimization methods.