SNIES Register:  1542
Level: Undergraduate
Modality:  on-site
Title:  Industrial Engineer
Program Length:  Can be completed in four (4) years.
National Accreditation:   Resolution 3330 of March 25th, 2011 (eight (8) years term)
B.S. degree of Industrial Engineering is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,





The Industrial Engineering undergraduate program offered by the University of Los Andes, is an interdisciplinary engineering program that focuses on the analysis, synthesis, design, creation and optimal management of goods and services transformation system. It seeks to properly employ human, technical, material, economic and information resources in such systems. In this way, the industrial engineer is the one who applies the basic and social sciences, the methods and inherit tools of engineering and transformation techniques, creation of new companies and the search for viable solutions to the organization problems. Additionally, it contributes to illustrate and enrich the decision-making process and facilitate the achievement of goals that benefit the organization or systems that are the object of a study, its constituents, users or beneficiaries, and the social community in general.

The academic environment stimulates innovation and promotes business leaders training, leaders capable to identify and solve organizational problems, in line with the needs of the country and the region through the construction and use of mathematical models and advanced systemic models.

The undergraduate program is designed to be completed in eight academic semesters and consists of 137 credits.




Department of Industrial Engineering
Cra 1 Este # 19A - 40
Mario Laserna Building, 7th floor
Bogotá D.C., Colombia
Tel: +57 (1) 339 49 49 Ext. 3859 - 3861

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