Ciro Amaya

Associate Professor

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Extension 2931
Mario Laserna Building
Office ML 425

Ph.D. Ingeniería Industrial. École Polytechnique de Montréal, Canada.Disertación: Mathematical and computational modeling of vehicle routing problems in the road marking activities.

Ciro Amaya has a Master’s in Industrial Engineering from the University of Los Andes, Bogota, Colombia. Dissertation: Use of neural networks in manufacturing. He is also a Systems Engineer from the National University of Colombia.

Ciro is a researcher and consultant in systems of production and logistics with special interest in: planning, control and quality assurance; storage and distribution logistics; urban and health logistics. His solution methods are supported by mathematical models, metaheuristic and by discrete events simulation. Author of several academic publications, external peer reviewer, evaluator and academic journals and specialized congresses arbitrator. He is currently the Faculty Advisor for the IISE chapter 988 and the director of the Production and Logistics Research Group, PYLO.